31 | Genderfluid | Freelance Artist | Otherkin | AutisticCall me Lumii~!
I'm just an artist that likes to doodle and draw things along with make RPG games as a small side-hobby. I'm probably best known for my HTTYD and Invader Zim artwork. Feel free to follow me at any of my links above.

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Commission Info


Terms And Rules
Before sending in a commission form or considering commissioning me, please take the time to look and become familiar with my terms and rules. This is so you, the client, will understand how I work, what I will and will not do, and will go over things to prevent needing to ask questions. If I have not gone over anything that you are particularly unsure of or if there is something that doesn't make sense to you, be sure to message me and ask!

  • I will not start on your commission until payment is fully received. If I have not received payment from you in over a week without being able to contact you, I will assume that you have cancelled your commission and remove you from my waiting list. If you get back to me after this, understand that you will most likely be placed at the bottom of the list. Also, if I get partial payment and you disappear for longer than 1-month without being able to contact you, you forfeit your payment and will be removed from my commission list. I will not do refunds.

  • When commissioning me and agreeing to my terms, you hereby verify that you are either over the age of 18 or are paying with the consent of a parent/legal guardian. Anyone caught paying without a parent/guardian's approval or with stolen money will be permanently blacklisted from commissioning me again. You will also forfeit your payment and will get no refund, especially if the commission has been started on or completed. Your commission will also be deleted off of my accounts.

  • Under no circumstances are you to remove my signature from my artwork, claim the piece as your own creation, or use the artwork for any commercial usage unless either asked or discussed before the commission is started. I also expect credit or linkbacks to my social media/art blogs if the artwork is posted elsewhere. I do ask that commission artwork is not reposted on DeviantART, Tumblr, or Furaffinity, however. Instead, support me by sharing the original post of your artwork since I post my commissions publicly.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

  • I do not do refunds once a commission is started. If a situation arises and I cannot complete your commission, I will message you and refund you, but you cannot request a refund otherwise. So please only commission me if you plan to go through the entirety of the commission payment process.

  • I will do up to 2 re-do commissions if you are unhappy with the final result of your commission at half the price of the original commission a piece. However, I do expect you to alert me to anything you are wanting to be changed or fixed during the WIP stage as I will be constantly showing and updating you on your commission in order to avoid this. After 2 re-do commissions, I will no longer take re-do's on your commission to avoid being taken advantage of.

  • I can only take up to three(3) commissions per client at a time! This is simply so I don't get overwhelmed by the workload. If you have more characters you'd like to commission, you're free to after I finish your current commission(s), but remember that you will be put behind anyone else who may be on my list and has already paid for theirs!

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU(Please fill this form out when submitting your commission, otherwise I will ask you to fill it out.)
Commissioner Name:(Can be your real name or username that you go by.)
Paypal Address: 
Best Way To Contact You:(I prefer Discord, Tumblr, and DeviantART, but if something else works better for you, then let me know.)
Character(s) Name: 
Character(s) Reference:(MUST BE A VISUAL REFERENCE! I will not accept written or sloppy refs. Reference sheets or multiple colored refs work best!)
Type Of Commission:(Avatar, detailed, sticker chibi, ect)
Background:(Remember that backgrounds come with additional costs. If you're not getting a background added to your piece, then just leave this blank.)
Character(s) Expression(s): 
Character(s) Pose(s): 
Other Necessary Info:(The more info or image references you give me to use for the commission, the better I can understand what you exactly want.)
Agreement To Terms:(When you send me this form, you are agreeing that you have read my terms and conditions, understand them, and agree to them including my no refund policy, what I will and won't do, and how my commission business works. When agreeing, you can simply add 'I agree' or 'I agree to your terms' in this spot.)

Will Do 
Monsters and creatures 
These Fandoms:Invader Zim (Mainly) How To Train Your Dragon (Mainly), Spyro, OFF/CSRverse, Hylics, Pokemon
Minor GoreWill not do gore for young children, baby animals or cats.)
Disability AccessoriesThis includes wheelchairs, crutches, or anything else that aids disabled folks. There will be no extra charge for these either.

Will NOT Do
Complex Mecha/Robots/Androids
Cars, vehicles, planes, ect
Overly complex characters, scenery, actions
Hate art towards a specific group of people/person be it real or fictional people
Commission themes, characters, or content that I feel personally uncomfortable with.
Fetishes/Kinks/Suggestive content
Fandoms I did not list above. (OCs from other fandoms are welcome, though.)

Examples & Prices

Flat Colored

StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds
Full Body:$45+$35+$15-$50 (Complexity Determines Price)

Other Info
Only the Full Body option comes with a background option. Background prices are determined by complexity and this price will be worked out with you before charging.
I only accept up to 3 characters per commission.Complex characters may come with an additional fee.


StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds
Full Body:$60+$50+$35-$70 (Complexity Determines Price)

Other Info
Only the Full Body option comes with a background option. Background prices are determined by complexity and this price will be worked out with you before charging.
I only accept up to 3 characters per commission.Complex characters may come with an additional fee.


StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds
Full Body:$70N/AN/A

Other Info
Painted commissions only come with either a grey background or a simple-colored background.
I only accept 1 character per painted commission.Complex characters may come with an additional fee.


StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds
Full Body:$50+$40+$35-$70 (Complexity Determines Price)

Other Info
Headshot Lineless commissions only come with a grey background.
I only accept up to 2 character per lineless commission.Complex characters may come with an additional fee.

StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds
Sticker Chibi:$10+$10N/A
Lineless Chibi:$15+$15N/A

Other Info
Chibi commissions only come with a transparent background.
I only accept up to 3 characters per chibi commission.Complex characters may come with an additional fee.Only the Sticker Chibi's come with the white outline.


StylePriceExtra CharactersBackgrounds

Other Info
All avatars come with a basic colored background.
Only one character per avatar.